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This site was created by Linda Dick and her son Colin, with the intention of giving other people an idea of the fun we have had keeping ducks. A lot encouragement and help has been given by other fanciers to assist Colin in what now appears to be a ‘hobby for life’. Much has also been learned from various books and other relevant publications details of which can be found on our LINKS page. The information contained on this web site is gathered mainly from our own personal experience and may not be applicable under all circumstances. We are very lucky to have a reliable source of clean water running through the property. This makes the birds much easier too look after. The birds shown are all owned by us unless stated otherwise. Great fun was had by Linda taking the photographs – ducks can be such exasperating subjects at times!

We presently keep Aylesbury, Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell and Call ducks on our farm in the Scottish Borders.

The only problem with ducks is that you could spend all day just watching them playing in the water – whether it be in a small tub or a big pond it doesn’t seem to matter! They can also make great pets. The smaller breeds are quite happy even in small gardens, just as long as they have clean water to swim in and a hut to sleep in. However, if you want to keep a lot of call ducks you will need understanding neighbours – as the females can be very noisy – as most males know!

The latest addition to our waterfowl collection is a pair of Steinbacher Geese. These are a light breed with a wonderful calm temperament, and are also very attractive. They are very easy to keep – being both friendly and biddable. We have bred a few goslings this year and are enjoying their love of grass – the duck pens are not nearly as overgrown this summer.

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We hope you enjoy browsing our site and find it informative, ducks and geese can be fascinating and fun. If you have any questions we shall do our best to help or hope to direct you to someone who can.

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Steinbacher geese


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