Young Stock

May 2005-

Please note we shall have no Runners for sale in 2005
however we shall have a few Steinbacher geese
click for pics

Last season we hatched quite a lot of Aylesburys, a selection of Call ducks and some Trout Indian Runners. Already some of these have collected Best Waterfowl and Best Opposite Sex at some of the agricultural shows so things are looking promising. It has not been the easiest rearing season. Everything would have been a lot easier if the weather had been better– it was difficult to keep the ducklings warm, when one minute there was brilliant sunshine and the next it was pouring with rain. We have a variety of different runs to help with this problem (seen below) but the greenhouse is the first stop after the ducklings hatch: my tomatoes are also growing well thanks to the constant warmth. The most recent photos of youngstock are at the bottom of this page

This is the pen we made for inside the greenhouse; we find the ducklings do better if they are given a turf of grass and it also seems to stop them making so much mess with their water

This is some of last years ducklings (photo taken earlier in the season) some Trout Indian Runners, Mallard Calls and Silver Calls

Above you can see four types of housing we use to rear our ducklings; they start in the greenhouse, then into the closed run nearest (has windows to ventilate if we do have hot weather), then on to the semi-covered run in the middle and beside the greenhouse is an open pen which also has a covered area – allowing them to choose their own heat requirements. All huts have a 60 or100 watt spotlight bulb running 24hours so that ducklings can always get dry and warm regardless of weather conditions outside

We find these Ikea storage containers ideal for water – they are easily cleaned and moved, and so long as you provide steps in and out, the ducklings have no problems. Even these young Aylesburies hop in and out without any trouble

These are our Aylesbury youngstock just starting to mature, the six in the back pen are younger.

We have already shown a few of these young Trout Runners very successfully at local shows.

These are some of last years calls

We hope to have a selection of Call ducks and Aylesburys available for sale in the coming season. Anyone wishing more information or to place an order should telephone us on 01721 752297 or email us at [email protected]

We attend a variety of shows throughout the year, so transport can usually be worked out somehow for anyone unable to collect the birds themselves – we live 20 miles south of Edinburgh. We can also email photos of particular birds if required.

Please note due to very high levels of spam we are having to use spam filters which automatically delete rubbish. We try to reply to all queries, if you do not receive a reply change the subject line and resend

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